How To Reduce Newspaper Bills

Newspapers are a vital source of news to a majority of people in India. India ranks 4th in daily circulation of news paper in the world, over 18 Crore people subscribe newspapers on a daily basis. The validity of newspapers is just 12-18 hours after which it is considered to be trash. Considering these numbers, the amount of trash generated in the form of newspapers is humongous.

All of this trash can be recycled or reused in one form or the other. But in reality, most of it is never recycled or reused. Newspapers are either thrown away as garbage or sell old newspapers to local kabadiwalas and no one knows what happens to it next. Enter ExtraCarbon; your trusted on demand kabadiwala. Greentooth Technologies Private Limited, an organization with the motive of providing a sustainable future and creation of green jobs; started this venture.

sell old news paper

ExtraCarbon has made it its goal to collect recyclable trash from various places of trash generation and send them to its respective recyclers. In other words, it is an online portal for selling your trash (kabad). It collects various kinds of trash. Paper, news paper, plastics, glass, scrap metal, and e-waste are the kinds of trash to name a few.

Compared to a conventional local kabadiwala, who offers anywhere from Rs 8 – 12 per Kg of the newspaper, ExtraCarbon offers Rs 10 – 15 per Kg of the newspaper. Apart from the price, it also has added perks such as scheduling a pick-up online, free pick-up irrespective of the quantity, getting an Instant quote through WhatsApp, prompt pick-up as promised, Best Price for your newspapers. These are a few reasons one should consider to sell old newspapers online to ExtraCarbon instead of your local neighbourhood kabadiwala.

By selling your news paper online to it, you can reduce your newspaper bill significantly by 20% – 30 %. Through ExtraCarbon, one can sell old newspapers online by giving them a missed call at 9069140696 or logging on to One can also sell old newspapers online by WhatsApping Pictures of your old newspaper to 9650527700 and get an instant quote for it.

ExtraCarbon on demand kabadiwala is now operational in Delhi-NCR, Manesar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Lucknow and Ghaziabad and is spreading its operations to more and more cities across India. To join hands with ExtraCarbon. Log on to


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