How To Make A Profit Selling Used Stuff

l Used stuff is often regarded as useless or waste or trash or scrap. This happens more at the household level than the industrial level. On an average, every Indian generates about 1.5 Kg of trash on a daily basis, which adds up to a couple of ton of waste produced by an average nuclear family household every year. Considering the population of our country, the total trash produced in in tremendous volumes. Of all the waste produced, barring organic waste which is bio degradable, up to 68% of the total trash is recyclable or reusable. Now imagine of the humongous amount of trash India produces, over 2/3 of it is recyclable or reusable.

earn profit from old stuff

Seeing this as an opportunity, Greentooth Technologies Private Limited, came with an innovative venture and named it ExtraCarbon. This venture is striving hard to create a sustainable tomorrow and creation of green jobs. ExtraCarbon is a platform, on which one can sell old items online instead of selling it to the normal kabadiwala. The problem with not selling old items online and selling it to the kabadiwala is that the ones who collect trash in an unorganized manner neither have a fixed price for all your trash nor do they bother to recycle it or dispose it in a safe manner.

The catch with trash is that, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In other words, what is useless to a person X, may be of some use or great use to person Y. Moreover, selling old items online is a much credible and a seamless experience and the best thing is that it can be done at the click of a button.

With ExtraCarbon, one can actually make profits out of selling old items online because, they offer the best prices for your old items than your local kabadiwala. For example, your kid’s old pram and tricycle which is lying in your backyard or your car shed is actually of no use to you, but ExtraCarbon will buy it at a good price which will help you in buying something else your kid needs at the present day. Or one can also opt for Jhoomley credits and use the credits to buy household grocery or even stationaries for your kids.

Your only motive behind selling old items online to ExtraCarbon is not making profits but also it will be your contribution towards the environment as ExtraCarbon either recycles your old items or disposes them of safely as compared to your kabadiwala who does neither.


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