Get Best Price For Old Items At Extracarbon.Com

Want to sell old items? Confused about where you can get the best price for your old items? How if you can sell your old stuff online? Just like e-kabadiwala?

Now you can sell old items online and get the best price for it, isn’t it a time saving and hectic free method? You can visit, an e-kabadiwala, is a portal where you can sell all the old material online and they recycle your stuff.

sell old items

You can sell your old stuff on in 3 simple steps:

  1. Send extra carbon a picture of the product you want to sell

  2. Get instant quote for the item you want to sell

  3. If you are okay with the quote, you can schedule a home pick-up

If you want to get more value for your product, you can opt for Jhoomley credits, where you get 30% more value for your old item.

To sell old items has gone very easy, isn’t it?

Apart from selling your stuff like this, you can also, sell your regular kabad like Aluminum, Bottle, Brass, Cardboard, Copper, Iron, Paper, Plastic, Steel, Tin and much more. Whenever you trading your old items with e-kabadiwala i.e. ExtraCarbon, you always have two options either to sell your scrap for money or for Jhoomley Credits.

Now next question is you have sold the old item and you got Jhoomley credits, what’s next?

So, with Jhoomley credits, you can buy plants, home grocery, fashion accessories, office stationary and other items of daily need.

ExtraCarbon is the new destination for all those who wants to sell old items and looking for best prices. They are among the highest paying value e-kabadiwala for your old newspaper. ExtraCarbon works on very good of recycling things and has been appreciated on various platforms for helping the environment by recycling products. Currently, they have their services in limited parts of the country, but are expanding as per the demand of recycling products is increasing. They also have tied up with giant corporate houses for recycling old items which include SRS Value Bazaar, More Mega Store, Arinna, Shalimar Paints, Philips, and Mobiwik. With ExtraCarbon, recycling whatever you want to and help to protect the environment.


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