How to Reuse Common Household Items

There are many things we use in our day to day life which can be used again and again. Reusing old things in a creative way is not only a cost cutting formula but also environmental friendly. There are many such things in our daily life that consist plastic materials. Plastics are non-biodegradable waste so reusing any plastic material is a smart and environmental step. Some of the common household items that can be reused are:

Newspapers:newspaperNewspapers, magazines, outdated calendars all these things can be used in different ways. You can make paper bags, envelops, decorative paper art out of them. You can also use them as book covers. Reusing newspapers are very easy but if you still want to get rid of the extras that re piling up you can easily sell them to E kabadiwala and earn from home. One such platform is ExtraCarbon.



You might wonder how to reuse cosmetic well there are ways like you can reuse your powder compact box as a quick to go sewing kit. It will be handy and can be carried anywhere you go. Your expired unused blush can be powdered and added to transparent nail polish or any other colour nail polish to give you a unique colour. This simple trick will save money on buying new things and reuse your old stuff efficiently.

Shampoo And Conditioner Bottles:


Empty shampoo and conditioner bottles can be reused in various ways which are very useful in your day to day life. You can make multi-purpose holders out of empty bottles. Sometimes it happens that your charging point is not at your bedside and you are bound to keep your phone on the floor which is risky so it is wise to reuse your empty shampoo or conditioner bottle to make a charger holder. You do not have to worry about leaving your phone on the floor and you are reusing your waste in an environmental friendly way with just this simple trick.

Toothbrush And Toothpaste Tube:


We have a habit of throwing out old toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes with trash but we can reuse them in a unique way. Old tooth brushes can be used to clean areas which can’t be reached with a mop. You can also clean them up and use them as an eyebrow brush. If you like baking, you can clean up the old toothpaste tube and use it for icing purpose rather than buying an icing tube.

Plastic Grocery Bags:

plastic and grocery bags

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental hazard. We should always try to reuse plastic grocery bags as much as we can rather than throwing them out with trash. They can be used as packing pad while packing fragile things.

These are few things you can use again and again but if you still want to sell them or get rid of them you should do it smartly so that it is not a hazard to our environment. You can sell recyclable goods online sites now days. One such platform is ExtraCarbon, where you can sell kabad Online and earn from your home.


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