Types of Electronic Recycling

Only 10 percent of cell phones get recycled, while rest all of them are dumped in some corner of the house. The moment someone says recycling, the next three words following it would definitely be reduce, reuse and recycle. Everyone have heard about the new bandwagon of e kabadiwala, where one can sell waste online such as soda cans, glass bottles etc. and earn credits or benefits. But even today recycling of electronic goods or e-waste through e-kabadiwala or by any other means is still an unknown concept to many.

Why Electronics Recycling? 

electronic recycling

Electronic waste or e-waste not only harms the environment when dumped in open but also lead towards excessive draining of energy as well as depletion of waste materials. As it happens in the case of cell phones which contain precious metals such as lithium, copper or even silver. In fact India is the  fifth largest producer of e-waste in the world, discarding roughly about 18.5 lakh metric tons of electronic waste each year, with telecom equipment alone accounting for 12 per cent of the e-waste.

In the past few days some of the manufacturers such as Acer, Apple, Best Buy and HP introduced take back programs for the customers/consumers to encourage recycling of e-waste as well as to improve the green credentials and lower environmental impact. Some manufacturers even educate their consumers on how to recycle the equipment or e-waste. One can thoughtfully dispose the e-waste by requesting the pickup from e-kabadiwala to sell waste online instead of selling it to the scrap dealer who is not trained as far as disposal of e-waste is concerned.

Electronics That Can Be Recycled:

1. Cell Phones 

old cell phones


It’s quite common now a day to upgrade our cell phones every now and then. Every time we do the same we discard the previous one adding to the incinerator or landfill waste. When sent to an incinerator or a landfill it emits pollution when burnt or contaminate landfills or water sources when buried.

2. Computers:

old computers

Laptops, tablets,e-reader or desktops when become out dated are discarded. Instead they can be upgraded and reused or one can sell waste online and can cash their trash with few taps.

3. Televisions:


In general they contain plastics, magnetic and non-magnetic materials that can be recycled to form new products instead of being thrown as a waste. Even your old VCR, gaming console, projectors, CD/DVD players can also be considered for the same.

By recycling broken, out dated electronic devices with the help of e kabadiwala or by reusing it one can do their bit in keeping the environment clean. Dumping of e-waste being a major concern as it adds to global warming as well as air pollution.


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