How To Get The Best Price For Old Glass Bottles

sell glass bottles

If you’re throwing away used or old glass bottles then stop! You can make some quick money by selling your glass bottles to a recycler or scrap dealer. Recycling glass bottles can get you easy money. But there are certain things you must keep in mind before scrapping glass bottles.

There are varieties of glass bottles and all of them have different prices. There are beer bottles, wine bottles, milk bottles, soda bottles etc. Since they all are different sizes their price may vary. Also, the price depends on the quality of the glass used in making those bottles.

The breweries or the plants which use glass bottles for bottling, buy these bottles to recycle and reuse them for bottling again. So the scrap buyers will always be up for buying old glass bottles. This also helps to keep the environment clean. The glasses are sorted by colour and washed to remove any kind of impurities they may have got. Then the glass is crushed and melted so that it can be molded into desired shape or size.

Since glass does not degrade, it can be used again and again by recycling. This is the reason why the demand for old glass bottles will always be there. The scrap dealers will offer you good money if you regularly scrap glass bottles as the demand never drops.

One should also keep in mind that selling old glass bottles is not that easy too. If you are dealing in bulk then you have to take utmost care of the bottles to make sure they don’t break or else their value majorly falls. Even though in the recycling process the bottles will be broken, scrap dealers don’t accept broken ones because it becomes tough to transport them to the treatment plant.

But while selling, you must know the current market rates for all kinds of bottles. If you know the market and the price well, you can work your way up to a good deal. Knowing old glass bottles price helps you in negotiating and deciding a right price for your scrap.

Once you are fully aware of all these factors you can rake in some sweet cash for all that hard work. It is suggested that you collect glass bottles on a regular basis if you want to make a good cash flow out of it. Ask your family, friends, and neighbours to chip in all their waste old glass bottles. They will be more than happy to do it because for them it is just another scrap material lying around their house that they are waiting to get rid of. These tips will definitely help you in making more money while selling glass bottles.


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