The Basics of Recycling Scrap Metal for Money


Recycling should be a part of one’s everyday lifestyle because it’s not just important for the planet but also it can help you in making some money. Especially, when we talk about scrap metal, it is the best seller in the scrap industry.

A lot of people often dump their scrap metals in garbage bins since they do not have proper knowledge about how it can be recycled. Now, these people are missing on an earning opportunity as well as adding to this planet’s misery.

Apart from this lot, there are people who do recycle scrap metal but due to lack of knowledge, are not able to get a good and fair price for the scrap they sell. This is why it is important to know some basics for recycling scrap metal so you can make good use of it. Nowadays, selling scrap has become so convenient that you can sell scrap iron online.

There’s good money in recycling metal

You should know that recycling metal if done efficiently, can actually make you some good amount of money. While selling plastic scrap is easier, selling scrap metal actually stands a chance to fetch you some pretty deals. With some negotiating power and basic knowledge, you can totally score a great deal.

Segregate your metals

First, you need to categorize your scrap metals into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is vital to get it separated before you go to the yard as it makes your process easier. When you go to the yard, the scrap buyer assesses the value of the metal by a giant magnet. Whatever sticks to the magnet are the ferrous metals and the ones that do not stick are the non-ferrous ones. Ferrous metals, like iron or steel, don’t have much value in the scrap yard. But the non-ferrous ones, like copper, aluminium or brass, are very valuable.

Knowing your metals

If you’re scrapping metals, it is important that you know them well. It will obviously help you in fetching a better price if you know what you’re dealing with. Here’s a guide to how you can identify your metals:

  • Steel- Steel is perhaps the cheapest metal at a yard because it is the most common one. You can find steel in the items you use every day. Also, it can rust very often which further decreases its value.
  • Aluminium- Aluminium is a light metal that can be easily bent when thin. You mostly find aluminium cans that are sent for recycling. It can fetch you a good price if you have it in bulk.
  • Brass- Brass is a heavy metal in a yellowish-golden colour. You can commonly spot brass in door knobs, keys and other hardware. This will fetch you a medium price at the yard. Since it is a dense metal, it can quickly add in weight.
  • Copper- Copper is your ‘gold’ at the scrap yard. It is reddish in colour and you can commonly spot it at your home as plumbing pipes, electric wires etc. It is the most valued recyclable material.

So, the next time you go to your kabadiwala, you will have a great amount of knowledge while selling scrap metal and surely will get a better deal than before. It’s all in the details, after all.


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