How Using 100% Recycled Bottles Can Improve Your Business


With the effects of global warming growing day by day it has become a necessity for business to recycle and look for 100% recyclable bottles for their products in this quickly growing eco-friendly environment. Glass has been widely used as a green packaging material in the pharmaceutical industry because of its recyclable nature. Glass bottles has always been the first choice when it comes to packaging of drugs and vitamins as well as for local administrations of medications. Businesses use this medium as it is a powerful way to reduce greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint.

For businesses, every 10% recycled glass used in the manufacturing process reduces energy by 2-3 percent. Greenhouse gas emissions is reduced by 4-10 percent. Did you know that your one glass container can be made up of 70 percent recycled glass? Keeping that in mind, 80 percent of all your recycled glass bottles ends up as new containers. Pharmaceutical companies prefer glass bottles as their packaging material over plastic as glass does not react with your bottle’s contents. Glass provides you sustainable raw materials and is also chemically pure and safe to be used in the packaging of life-saving drugs. The main benefit of using glass is that it is 100 percent recyclable so it can be used number of times. Many manufacturing facilities use natural gas in recycling glass. Natural gas is used as their processing fuel thus, it is non-polluting. Glass is the only packaging material that is rated at “GRAS” (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Glass bottles used in pharmaceutical companies have several other benefits. They are:

  • Glass can withstand high pressure or vacuum sealing. This prevents moisture and oxygen entering your products also protects your product against bacterial formation thus, getting spoiled.
  • Glass bottles protect against ultraviolet light thus, the taste and quality of your product stays unaffected.
  • Glass bottles have a longer shelf life than other plastic packaging materials.
  • It is biodegradable.

Glass is inert thus, it is the best packaging material as it does not react with its contents. This quality of glass makes it perfect for the use as a packaging material for the pharmaceutical industry. If you have glass bottles at home do not throw them out with your daily garbage rather sell glass bottles to scrap buyers so that your glass bottles can be recycled and returned to be reused for your products. This cradle-to-cradle packaging means that your glass products can be transformed into new bottles continuously.

Glass bottles may seem very eco-friendly but it is not easy to carry thus, the world is preferring to use plastic bottles over glass. Even if you are using plastic bottles you should make sure that you do not use any new plastic rather reuse what has already been created. There are plastic that is 100% recyclable and do not react with its contents. PET is one of those plastic that can be used for different type of drug and vitamin packaging. PET bottles are used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry around the world because it is strong and lightweight, shatterproof, and does not react with its contents.

Plastic bottles are being recycled and reused so that you can reduce your carbon footprint. You can easily sell plastic online to scrap buyers so that it can be recycled. Every company now a day prefer plastic packaging for drugs and vitamins as it enables you to deliver them safely to your customers and is also light weight.


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