4 Critical Mistakes People Make at the Time of Selling Glass Bottles

glass bottelsIn today’s world where we are always at a move, we need things that are light and easy to carry so glass bottles are being replaced by plastic bottles and cans. But still, we do see glass bottles now and then mainly when we go to any liquor shop. Even today people prefer glass bottles for liquor. So, why to throw out glass bottles with everyday garbage when we can sell it to kabadiwala. It is a fact that re-use of anything sits at the top of the hierarchy when it comes to the life of bottles be it plastic or glass. But many people avoid re-using glass bottles for the danger of glass so such people can easily sell of glass bottles and make quick cash.

While selling glass bottles many people make some critical mistakes. Let’s take a look at some of those mistakes and learn from them

Lack of knowledge of what you have – If you are trying to sell antique bottles and you are not a bottle collector or bottle dealer then there are chances that you will not recognize a valuable bottle from one that is virtually worthless or a reproduction glass bottle. So, basically, to sell old glass bottles, you need to have the knowledge to distinguish junk from collectable bottles. At times this can be difficult even for experienced collectors. But for that you can use the oldest trick, it looks pleasing to the eye then the buyer will feel the same thus, you will get a good value.

Lack of knowledge of comparable and recent sales – While selling your house without a realtor you do market research about house prices of the area the same way you need to do some research on old glass bottle price before you put out your glass bottle for sale. Without doing a comparison and knowing the recent sale prices it will get really tough to earn the real worth of those glass bottles you own.

Poor marketing – It is easy to sell Good bottles as everyone wants them, however selling a “good bottle” in the wrong market can cost you a lot of money. Junk glass bottles and inexpensive and common glass bottles are the most difficult to sell but there are more places than you might know of to sell average bottles. The best way to sell your junk glass bottles is to sell them as a collection of 10-20 bottles at a time in box lots through a local kabadiwalas. In such cases, you might earn more than what you could get on online sites or anywhere else for that matter.

Poor description and insufficient detail – Any realtor would tell you that before selling or showing your house, you should make it look its best. The same stands true while selling glass bottles. If you are using any online service to sell the glass bottles, the worst mistake you would make if you do not upload any pictures. After adding pictures do not forget to add all the necessary details about the glass bottle. If the bottle is an antique mention it, it can get you more profit from the sale.

Following these tips would get you the best price for your bottles. If you have an idea what you have and know about comparable bottle sales, you use the proper marketing vehicle for the type of bottle you are selling and provide a good description, you will know that you are getting a fair price.


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