Top Tips on Selling Second Hand Items

We all have a habit of cluttering our rooms and cupboards with unwanted stuff. They are filled with stuff that we have not used for months and will not even use in the future. Our mothers are tired of telling us to de-clutter our room but it gets really tough when we think about de-cluttering as we have no idea what do we want to keep and what should we throw out.

One of the main reasons that make it so hard to de-clutter is because we look at an item that we don’t need and remember how much time we took to select that particular stuff while buying. Selling off the stuff may not bring back the time, but it will definitely bring back some of the money. You can use the money to put towards the things you really want.

Sometimes it so happens that you look at an old stuff and you recall all the memories you have with it and thus, those memories prevent you from getting rid of it. But by storing those memories in the form of material you are just trashing up your room so, keep the memories in your heart and sell second hand items online for some good cash.

The second hand stuff that you find while cleaning usually consist of gadgets, clothes and other things that you don’t use, which is in good condition and could sell off for good price.

Here are some tips to sell off second hand items:

Play with the price – While price tagging your item make sure you do a thorough research about the price of the same product in the present market and also go to other sites that are selling second hand products and check if they have the same product and what are their price. By doing so you can easily quote a price that is neither too high nor too low and also get a buyer easily.

Look for sites with free shipping – It is mostly seen that people prefer sites that provide free shipping so, while putting up a second hand item for sale take this into consideration as this might get you, buyers, easily. There are sites where the sites take care of the delivery that is some from the site that you have chosen comes to collect the stuff that you have put out for sale and then send to the buyer. This saves a lot of your time too.

Proper images – The most important tip that can help you sell old items easily is by posting the proper picture of your item online. Do not post pictures in low or dim light or blurry images as then it might no interest any buyer.

These tips will help you get rid off your old stuff easily that too at a good price. De-cluttering may not be easy because of your emotional connect to the things that you do not use but it is important. So, follow these tips when you decide to sell second hand items.


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