You Can Make Changes In Process Of Recycling Of Glass Bottles For Benefit Of Environment

The glass is made of recyclable material. Every year tons and tons of glass waste are generated in the form of old glass bottles, beer or soft drink bottle, shattered window glass and other types. These glass wastes cannot be used for the landfill and hence accounts for pollution. There is an easy way to handle this waste which will result in energy savings and less pollution.

The glass waste can be collected and recycled. The glass is broken down into small pieces called ‘cullet.’ This cullet apart from the sand is the main ingredient in the manufacturing of the glass. To be noted that there are various advantages of using the recycled glass for the manufacturing of the new glass. Let’s have a look to few of them:

  • Energy: It has been observed that with every 10% of the cullet used for the manufacturing of the glass, about 2-3% of the energy is saved.
  • Price: Recycled glass is less expensive as compare to the raw material used for the manufacturing of the glass. Not only this, the energy saved by using the cullet can in return also reduce the manufacturing price of the glass.
  • Natural Resources: Cullet is the main ingredient apart from sand to manufacture the glass. It saves a lot of raw material to make glass hence saving natural resources.
  • Pollution: Recycling of the old glass reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced during the production.
  • Quality: It doesn’t matter how many times you use the glass for the manufacturing the quality of the material is not going to reduce. Unless there is some fault in the manufacturing process or proper quantity of the material is not used.
  • Home stuff: The old glass bottles can be used for various purposes in the day to day household. You can use old mason jars to serve a dessert of freshly made lemonade. Or the soft drink bottles to serve soft drinks again.

The Earth’s environment needs to be taken care of. It is not just the responsibility of the government on working towards the betterment of the environment, but as the individual, we should contribute as well. In some nations, there are separate containers provided for trash the glass waste, while in some countries like India, there are kabadiwala, to whom you can sell the old glass bottles for recycling. The best part of this is that you get to earn few bucks out of the waste.


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