Go Green and Get Recycled Glass

recycle-glassMany people just dispose of the glass containers once they have consumed the contents like jam, mayonnaise etc. The disposed of glass containers get tossed around and often break. The broken glass is segregated at the waste disposal unit and sent to landfill. Hence it very important to properly handle the glass containers after use and they can be sold to dealers after determining the Old Glass Bottles Price. Glass is stable and very difficult to break down and degrade. It could take one million years for a piece of glass to disintegrate.

Dispose responsibly

When buying products packed in glass containers it is recommended to go for clear, green and brown glass containers. They are easily accepted for recycling. Sometimes unavoidably you may have blue colored glass containers. You must check with the local recycling agency to determine if they accept it. If you have broken glass, you must wrap it in a thick paper or a paper bag, tape it well and label it “Broken Glass” before dropping it in the trash bin.

Support recycled products

It is not enough to responsibly dispose of glass containers. We must also buy recycled glass products as far as possible to support recycling of glass. Glass being very stable is well suited for recycling and does not raise health concerns like plastic or similar materials. Let us understand a little more about recycled glass products.

  • Containers – Nearly 70% of all recycled glass is used to manufacture glass jars and bottles used as containers.
  • Building Insulation – Fiberglass insulation for building can be made using recycled glass. It has proven environmental benefits.
  • Manufacturing of brick and tiles – The broken glass pieces are ground into powder and used as the fluxing agent in brick and tile manufacturing.
  • Water Filters – Recycled glass filters can be used in place of sand filters for filtering water in swimming pool, wastewater and also drinking water.
  • Cement and concrete – recycled glass can be used as an alternative to sand used in manufacturing concrete and cement products.
  • Turfs for sports – Golf bunkers, as well as the top dressing of sports field, need sand. Recycled glass can be used as an alternate for sand.

Benefits of using Recycled Glass

  • Reduction in the cost of materials.
  • Improving your company brand image as having meaningful corporate social responsibility. This also builds the greater loyalty of consumers.
  • Reduction in quantity of Landfill.
  • Reducing carbon footprint.
  • Conservation of energy and natural resources needed to make new glass.

Let’s do our part and play an active role in the Go Green movement. Let’s not dispose of glass irresponsibly, instead explore and Sell old items online to the dealers.


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