Go Green – Sell Old Items Online

24296584_1038602726281468_8577007798798605875_nProtecting ecosystems and biodiversity, conserving our natural resources has become a big concern nowadays. With depleting environment, poor quality of air and water, it is essential to go green and adopt such practices in house and outside that can help reduce waste.

Selling second hand items which can be reused and recycled is one good option. ExtraCarbon features all possible trajectories to sell old items online. It pays you for second hand used items. Whether it’s an old cupboard or a bicycle that your grown up kid no longer ride, or it’s the stationary item or your used clothes, ExtraCarbon is ready to take it all, pay you for it, and is putting a foot forward on the road to go green.

The question is when you should decide to sell? Buying and using things is a constant process. With time, stuff loses its newness, color, value or you become tired of using the same thing for a long time. The reasons can be many and then it is better to get rid of the things you no longer use rather than piling your home and workplace.

Next is whether you want to donate, recycle or sell the old items. Selling second hand and old items online comes in handy- a click away from where you are sitting. Logon to ExtraCarbon and start selling.

If you are thinking what all you can sell- The list is endless. The motive is to keep the old items out of the landfill and pave a way towards green future.

Various old used items such as:

– Old Furniture
– Old Newspapers, books and Stationery
– Scrap of all kinds including plastics, metals, iron, cardboard and so on
– e-waste

All the above can be sold. No matter how junky you think an item is, it can be sold. Somebody somewhere would need it to use at second hand or recycling can be done.

Actual selling starts here- Check the ExtraCarbon’s website to know the current value of your stuff. Once you opt, your used items will be collected, you will be paid, the items goes to close inspection to second hand use and sold to the person who needs the item, and the rest goes to recycling.

Hence, instead of disposing the items to landfills, choose to sell for your benefit as well as the environment’s.

Don’t wait, the next time you de-clutter your home or workplace, get some green after you clean by selling used items online!


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